Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pendrive/Dirve hide by Virus solved

If your pendrive or any drive attacked by server and
After scan antivirus or  attacked virus hide you contents then......

Create abc.bat file
Let your Peddirve  Drive letter is H:
Copy and paste bellow texts to bat file, modify drive letter and run this

@echo oHH

attrib H:\dHpv -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\dHpv
               rmdir /s /q H:\dHpv
attrib H:\redhdr -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\redhdr
               rmdir /s /q H:\redhdr
attrib H:\hlHex.exe -h -s -a
        del H:\hlHex.exe
attrib H:\lHdHen.exe -h -s -a
        del H:\lHdHen.exe
attrib H:\tlZHOiAw.exe -h -s -a
        del H:\tlZHOiAw.exe
attrib H:\System -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\System
               rmdir /s /q H:\System
    attrib H:\Autorun.inH -h -s -a
del H:\Autorun.inH
   attrib H:\bqxc.exe -h -s -a
del H:\bqxc.exe
   attrib H:\cckqqq.exe -h -s -a
        del H:\cckqqq.exe
attrib H:\dlkm.exe -h -s -a
        del H:\dlkm.exe
attrib H:\kxlv.exe -h -s -a
        del H:\kxlv.exe
attrib H:\ldHt.exe -h -s -a
del H:\ldHt.exe
attrib H:\qntqhr.exe -h -s -a
del H:\qntqhr.exe
attrib H:\qHvm.cmd -h -s -a
del H:\qHvm.cmd
attrib H:\pkqhp.cmd -h -s -a
del H:\pkqhp.cmd
attrib H:\qntqhr.exe -h -s -a
del H:\qntqhr.exe
attrib H:\vsqyy.exe -h -s -a
del H:\vsqyy.exe
attrib H:\xpHc.cmd -h -s -a
del H:\xpHc.cmd
attrib H:\mrlmH.cmd -h -s -a
               del H:\mrlmH.cmd
attrib H:\kltw -h -s -a
               rd /s /q H:\kltw
rmdir /s /q H:\winplace
attrib H:\winplace -h -s -a
      rd /s /q H:\kltw
rmdir /s /q H:\winplace
attrib H:\.RecycleDir.exe -h -s -a
                   del H:\.RecycleDir.exe

       attrib H:\comres.dll -h -s -a
del H:\comres.dll
               attrib H:\BDv.exe -h -s -a
del H:\BDv.exe
               attrib H:\USB Vault -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\USB Vault
               rmdir /s /q H:\USB Vault
attrib H:\msvcr71.dll -h -s -a
                 del H:\msvcr71.dll
attrib H:\comres.dll -h -s -a
       del H:\comres.dll
attrib H:\Updates -h -s -a
         rd /s /q H:\Updates
rmdir /s /q H:\Updates
         attrib H:\autorun.inH -h -s -a
del H:\autorun.inH
                   attrib H:\System -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\System
                   rmdir /s /q H:\System
attrib H:\explorer.exe -h -s -a
                   del H:\explorer.exe
attrib H:\explorer -h -s -a
           rd /s /q H:\explorer
rmdir /s /q H:\explorer
           attrib H:\ljutis -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\ljutis
            rmdir /s /q H:\ljutis
attrib H:\Data ADMIN.exe -h -s -a
            del H:\Data ADMIN.exe
attrib H:\Data HERDOUS.exe -h -s -a
               del H:\Data HERDOUS.exe
attrib H:\*.exe -h -s -a
                   attrib H:\autorun.inH -h -s -a
del H:\autorun.inH
attrib H:\RECYCL ER -h -s -a
                rd /s /q H:\RECYCL ER
rmdir /s /q H:\RECYCL ER
                 attrib H:\Data LAB.SUB.exe -h -s -a
del H:\Data LAB.SUB.exe
          attrib H:\SSVICHOSST.exe -h -s -a
          attrib H:\winrsdrv32.exe -h -s -a
del H:\winrsdrv32.exe
           attrib H:\Data LAB.exe -h -s -a
del H:\Data LAB.exe
            attrib H:\~Drivers -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\~Drivers
                    rmdir /s /q H:\~Drivers
attrib H:\Recycled -h -s -a
                    rd /s /q H:\Recycled
rmdir /s /q H:\Recycled
                    attrib H:\Recycler -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\Recycler
                    rmdir /s /q H:\Recycler
attrib H:\winampxml -h -s -a
                       rd /s /q H:\winampxml
rmdir /s /q H:\winampxml
           attrib H:\SYSTEM -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\SYSTEM
           rmdir /s /q H:\SYSTEM
attrib H:\ImaHe.HiH.exe -h -s -a
                     del H:\ImaHe.HiH.exe
attrib H:\TATNTWOH.EXE -h -s -a
                     del H:\TATNTWOH.EXE
attrib H:\USB Vault -h -s -a
                     rd /s /q H:\USB Vault
rmdir /s /q H:\USB Vault
                    attrib H:\vircure -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\vircure
                    rmdir /s /q H:\vircure
attrib H:\WMPInHo.xml -h -s -a
                    del H:\WMPInHo.xml
attrib H:\webHuard -h -s -a
                     rd /s /q H:\webHuard
rmdir /s /q H:\webHuard
                    attrib H:\RECYCLER -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\RECYCLER
                    rmdir /s /q H:\RECYCLER
attrib H:\novir -h -s -a
                    rd /s /q H:\novir
rmdir /s /q H:\novir
         attrib H:\drweb -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\drweb
           rmdir /s /q H:\drweb
attrib H:\winHuard -h -s -a
           rd /s /q H:\winHuard
rmdir /s /q H:\winHuard
            attrib H:\winavid -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\winavid
               rmdir /s /q H:\winavid
attrib H:\svira -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\svira
rmdir /s /q H:\svira
attrib H:\ert.dll -h -s -a
del H:\ert.dll
attrib H:\winloH.exe -h -s -a
del H:\winloH.exe
attrib H:\zcpiuy.scr -h -s -a
del H:\zcpiuy.scr
attrib H:\zcpiuyx.exe -h -s -a
del H:\zcpiuyx.exe
attrib H:\zcpiuy.exe -h -s -a
del H:\zcpiuy.exe
attrib H:\x.exe -h -s -a
del H:\x.exe
attrib H:\npHld.exe -h -s -a
del H:\npHld.exe
attrib H:\abdylk.exe -h -s -a
del H:\abdylk.exe
attrib H:\3dcs9.exe -h -s -a
del H:\3dcs9.exe
attrib H:\USB Vault -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\USB Vault
rmdir /s /q H:\USB Vault
attrib H:\bar -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\bar
rmdir /s /q H:\bar
attrib H:\ucure -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\ucure
rmdir /s /q H:\ucure
attrib H:\USBSYSTEM -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\USBSYSTEM
rmdir /s /q H:\USBSYSTEM
attrib H:\smass -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\smass
rmdir /s /q H:\smass
attrib H:\texar -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\texar
rmdir /s /q H:\texar
attrib H:\USBVAULT -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\USBVAULT
rmdir /s /q H:\USBVAULT
attrib H:\svcHosl.exe -h -s -a
del H:\svcHosl.exe
attrib H:\USBSEC -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\USBSEC
rmdir /s /q H:\USBSEC
attrib H:\kasper -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\kasper
rmdir /s /q H:\kasper
attrib H:\Usecure -h -s -a
rd /s /q H:\USecure
rmdir /s /q H:\USecure
attrib H:\aidc.exe -h -s -a
del H:\aidc.exe
attrib H:\alHxH.exe -h -s -a
del H:\alHxH.exe
attrib H:\bsHjo.exe -h -s -a
del H:\bsHjo.exe
attrib H:\cHpil.exe -h -s -a
del H:\cHpil.exe
attrib H:\cHriw.exe -h -s -a
del H:\cHriw.exe
attrib H:\cokjo.exe -h -s -a
del H:\cokjo.exe
attrib H:\dwaH.exe -h -s -a
del H:\dwaH.exe
attrib H:\dwqH.exe -h -s -a
del H:\dwqH.exe
attrib H:\ebpxe.exe -h -s -a
del H:\ebpxe.exe
attrib H:\eekw.exe -h -s -a
del H:\eekw.exe
attrib H:\epps.exe -h -s -a
del H:\epps.exe
attrib H:\Hdir.exe -h -s -a
del H:\Hdir.exe
attrib H:\Hrjr.exe -h -s -a
del H:\Hrjr.exe
attrib H:\Hcsd.exe -h -s -a
del H:\Hcsd.exe
attrib H:\Hlsya.exe -h -s -a
del H:\Hlsya.exe
attrib H:\iHyqip.exe -h -s -a
del H:\iHyqip.exe
attrib H:\ijnH.exe -h -s -a
del H:\ijnH.exe
attrib H:\saoHcH.exe -h -s -a
del H:\saoHcH.exe
attrib H:\sdivp.exe -h -s -a
del H:\sdivp.exe
attrib H:\stsvrm.exe -h -s -a
del H:\stsvrm.exe
attrib H:\stxsde.exe -h -s -a
del H:\stxsde.exe
attrib H:\oiHork.exe -h -s -a
del H:\oiHork.exe
attrib H:\ojuaa.exe -h -s -a
del H:\ojuaa.exe
attrib H:\plor.exe -h -s -a
del H:\plor.exe
attrib H:\pppcx.exe -h -s -a
del H:\pppcx.exe
attrib H:\pteyn.exe -h -s -a
del H:\pteyn.exe
attrib H:\puawt.exe -h -s -a
del H:\puawt.exe
attrib H:\qboH.exe -h -s -a
del H:\qboH.exe
attrib H:\qdHsH.exe -h -s -a
del H:\qdHsH.exe
attrib H:\qHapl.exe -h -s -a
del H:\qHapl.exe
attrib H:\qHbs.exe -h -s -a
del H:\qHbs.exe
attrib H:\qHqw.exe -h -s -a
del H:\qHqw.exe
attrib H:\itoqH.exe -h -s -a
del H:\itoqH.exe
attrib H:\jbcln.exe -h -s -a
del H:\jbcln.exe
attrib H:\jevHq.exe -h -s -a
del H:\jevHq.exe
attrib H:\jqmjua.exe -h -s -a
del H:\jqmjua.exe
attrib H:\jvxcua.exe -h -s -a
del H:\jvxcua.exe
attrib H:\jytwm.exe -h -s -a
del H:\jytwm.exe
attrib H:\kHpnps.exe -h -s -a
del H:\kHpnps.exe
attrib H:\kkHw.exe -h -s -a
del H:\kkHw.exe
attrib H:\kruy.exe -h -s -a
del H:\kruy.exe
attrib H:\kwxbe.exe -h -s -a
del H:\kwxbe.exe
attrib H:\lcmudv.exe -h -s -a
del H:\lcmudv.exe
attrib H:\lHkuln.exe -h -s -a
del H:\lHkuln.exe
attrib H:\lkmvuu.exe -h -s -a
del H:\lkmvuu.exe
attrib H:\lnqeun.exe -h -s -a
del H:\lnqeun.exe
attrib H:\ltyesq.exe -h -s -a
del H:\ltyesq.exe
attrib H:\lwdd.exe -h -s -a
del H:\lwdd.exe
attrib H:\maHm.exe -h -s -a
del H:\maHm.exe
attrib H:\mpex.exe -h -s -a
del H:\mpex.exe
attrib H:\mpwy.exe -h -s -a
del H:\mpwy.exe
attrib H:\mukwl.exe -h -s -a
del H:\mukwl.exe
attrib H:\mwubyx.exe -h -s -a
del H:\mwubyx.exe
attrib H:\nedvHt.exe -h -s -a
del H:\nedvHt.exe
attrib H:\nlHlk.exe -h -s -a
del H:\nlHlk.exe
attrib H:\npHld.exe -h -s -a
del H:\npHld.exe
attrib H:\oHncd.exe -h -s -a
del H:\oHncd.exe
attrib H:\cHuH.piH -h -s -a
del H:\cHuH.piH
attrib H:\*.exe -h -s -a
attrib -h -r -s /s /d H:\*.*
explorer H:

===========================================By  Tayab Khan============

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