Thursday, December 3, 2015

Juniper System Management

show host ns lookup
show version displays software running on the box
show system software displays installed packages
show system uptime uptime of the router
show system processes Show the process table
show system statistics Show protocol statistics
show system connections lists only active IP sockets on RE
show system users Show users currently logged into the system
show system storage displays the amount of amount of free disk space on file system
root% df -k show system storage from Shell
show system boot-messages displays contents of boot log  (boot-up messages)
show system virtual-memory displays current memory state
request system reboot Restarts the system
request system halt Stops the router and prepares it to be shut down
request system reboot Reboot the system
request system snapshot Save config in /altconfig and software in /altroot before upgrade
request support information show tech
request system software add <pkgname> performs bsd pgkadd; always use jbundle (4->5 jinstall)

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