Saturday, September 24, 2016

L2 Loop Protection on MikroTik interface

We can use MikroTik feature "Loop-Protect"
Loop protect feature can prevent Layer2 loops by sending loop protect protocol packets and shutting down interfaces in case they receive loop protect packets

GOTO Terminal:: enabling LOOP Protection for Ethernet

## interface ethernet set loop-protect=on 2

*** Three values "ON", "OFF" and "Default" ... default works as turned off 
*** [2 is the number of Ethernet :: use command:: 'interface print'  to see the number of interfaces]

** We can use it by VLAN interface also

## interface vlan set loop-protect=on 3

loop-protect-send-interval (time interval; Default: 5m)
Sets how often loop protect packets are sent on selected interface.

loop-protect-disable-time (time interval | 0; Default: 5m)
Sets how long selected interface is disabled when loop is detected. 0 - forever.

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