Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dude Monitoring server installation, backup and restore

* DUDE Installation: 
* First adjust Router OS version with Dude-Server version
* for example, if RouterOS version 6.40.8 and download Dude-server with 6.40.8 version

also check router specifications like ... ( mipsle, mipsbe, ppc, x86, mmips, arm )

* Put packages to files and reboot

* /dude set enabled=(yes/no)

* /dude print
         enabled: yes
         data-directory: dude
          status: running

* by default all The Dude data is stored on system disk, if you wish to change it's location the use this command:

* /dude set data-directory=(new_db_path)

* dwonlaod dude client for windows to access/monitor/manage from windows

* connect dude server from windows dude client and configure as your requirement

** Backup 

/dude export-db  backup-file=dude-backup-18-7-2018

** Restore

/dude import-db  backup-file=dude-backup-18-7-2018


  1. It is possible to restore a backup of the windows version in Mikrotik OS?

    1. If version and other arch everything same, then it will work