Sunday, October 24, 2021

Iredmail password change md5 ssha512

 To generate a password hash for a new password, please use doveadm command.

Generate a SSHA512 password hash:

$ doveadm pw -s 'ssha512' -p '123456'


Generate a BCRYPT password hash on BSD system:

$ doveadm pw -s 'blf-crypt' -p '123'


SQL backends

To reset password for user, please login to SQL server as either SQL root user or vmailadmin user (note: sql user vmail has read-only privilege to vmail database, so you cannot use it to change user password), then execute SQL commands to reset password:

sql> USE vmail;

sql> UPDATE mailbox SET password = '{SSHA512}$1$KxfQLbMV$Pq3x21nQEYMm6eFUrVJOS.' WHERE username = '';

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