Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Security Command Center of GCP



Security Command Center is Google Cloud's centralized vulnerability and threat reporting service. Security Command Center helps you strengthen your security posture by evaluating your security and data attack surface; providing asset inventory and discovery; identifying misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and threats; and helping you mitigate and remediate risks

To use Security Command Center, you must have an Identity and Access Management (IAM) role that includes appropriate permissions:

  • Security Center Admin Viewer lets you view Security Command Center.
  • Security Center Admin Editor lets you view Security Command Center and make changes.

The Threats dashboard helps you review potentially harmful events in your organization's Google Cloud resources.

  • Threats by severity shows the number of threats in each severity level.
  • Threats by category shows the number of findings in each category across all projects.
  • Threats by resource shows the number of findings for each resource in your organization.

The threats dashboard displays results for the time period you specify in the drop-down list. The drop-down list has several options between 1 hour and "all time," which shows all findings since the service was activated. The time period you select is saved between sessions.

Scan with SCC and store logs will store in Cloud storage ->

** Security Health Analytics scans run in three modes:

Batch scan: All detectors are scheduled to run for all enrolled organizations two or more times a day. Detectors run on different schedules to meet specific service level objectives (SLO). To meet 12- and 24-hour SLOs, detectors run batch scans every six hours or 12 hours, respectively. Resource and policy changes that occur in between batch scans are not immediately captured and are applied in the next batch scan. Note: Batch scan schedules are performance objectives, not service guarantees.

Real-time scan: Supported detectors start scans whenever CAI reports a change in an asset's configuration. Findings are immediately written to Security Command Center.

Mixed-mode: Some detectors that support real-time scans might not detect changes in real time in all supported assets. In those cases, configuration changes for some assets are captured immediately and others are captured in batch scans. Exceptions are noted in the tables on this page.

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